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   Junior club music program is designed to help young children in schools learn English and develop their English Language through music. We combine melody and rhythm with the English Language to create fun and engaging ways to learn. We believe that music is a catalyst in the development of language learning and young people love to play so when they are enjoying themselves, they are learning too!
Children learn songs and rhymes using a variety of musical instruments such as keyboards, xylophones, bells, drums, maracas and many other instruments to express themselves. We also use visual aids such as flashcards to help them understand literacy and prepare them for reading. We supply Native English teachers who can play musical instruments such as piano, keyboards and guitar to teach young children.

Why learn this way?
We all love music especially children! Music is one of the best and most fun forms to engage and captivate young children. Children respond to rhythm, sound, tempo and intonation of a language way before any attempt of speaking it. The ordering of sounds from a human voice is the first thing we learn when learning a new language so the earlier children are exposed to this, the greater the chance of fluency. Junior Club merges these components together in a fun and creative way. We want learners to be happy and comfortable as this encourages a more natural progression of learning. At a young age students will benefit more by learning in this engaging way as apposed to the more traditional methods of learning English.

How are they learning English through Music?
They are learning the foundations of the English language and gaining phonological awareness at an early age for speaking, listening and reading. Music can help the following:

Language Development
New vocabulary and pronunciation practice through storytelling, rhymes, songs and chants. Exercising their Listening and comprehension skills of language through music.

Cognitive Behaviour
Music can form patterns which help children develop their decision making skills. We also use flashcards and fun visual aids to practice patterns, routines, sequencing, identifying and repetition.

Physical Development Kids love to play so we combine this play with timing, movement and rhythm to improve fine and motor skills.

Social & Emotional Development
All children are in a fun and safe environment where they become familiar with fun learning routines. They are free to interact, learn, grow, build confidence and make friends.


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