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The Junior Club

   Our English teaching began in 2005. We supply highly qualified Native English teachers from all over the world; England, USA, Australia and New Zealand. All our teachers have a positive attitude towards teaching and endeavour to reach the full potential of every student.
We teach kindergarten and primary students in private schools and also run English camps for Junior and high school levels and conduct online learning. We want students to enjoy learning which is why we teach in stimulating ways that is both fun and rewarding.

Junior Club Mission
   We outsource to find the right teachers for students; not just supplying teachers for schools. We aim to cultivate student’s English skills from a young age to increase fluency and begin a solid foundation of English language learning. We develop phonological awareness and teach in ways that inspire. We aim to encourage confidence to prepare them for communication in the future.

Our services
   We appreciate that students learn in different ways so we provide teaching services that cater for the needs of all students.
Our English teaching services are as follows:

1. Leaning English through music in schools
This is an integrated program for kindergarten and primary students in schools to turn their English language skills and musical talents into action.

2. English camps
We provide 3-5 day English camps for primary and high school students to develop life skills and experience in a fun learning environment. Each camp has a fun theme where students will learn, make friends, build self -esteem, inspire confidence and have fun working as a team.

3. Online Learning
We offer online English lessons for individuals and small groups of young learners (5-19 years old).This is a new and interactive way of learning through www.zoom.us from the location of your choice.

Social responsibility With the arrival of AEC 2015 (ASEAN Economic Community) the learning of English will become a crucial part in the development of education and economy. This will have a huge impact on education, business and tourism industries. We need to prepare and be ready for this economic change. Our task is to unite and support our communities and ensure our young learners are equipped with the English skills that they need to succeed in this competitive environment.

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